Things to Do for Thanksgiving

Take advantage of the many fun and exciting things to do for Thanksgiving with family and friends. Base the decisions for what to do on Thanksgiving day on your preferences and the preferences of your guests. It's important to take the weather into consideration as well. An outdoor activity out in the severe cold is no fun!

Peruse these ideas for fun things to do on Thanksgiving:

  • Movies: Sit back, relax, and catch a movie this Thanksgiving. Pick a family friendly flick suitable for all ages. Make a selection that Grandma will enjoy and one that will keep all the kid's attention. Purchase the tickets in advance to reserve seats on one of the busiest movie-going days of the year!
  • Game: Before or after Thanksgiving dinner, play a board or card game with family and friends. Select an easy game with the option to include many players. Offer prizes to the winners of the games as incentive for them to continue to participate in the fun.
  • Weekend getaway: Get away from it all this turkey day. One of the best things to do Thanksgiving weekend is go away for a mini vacation. Turn your cell phone off, or better yet, travel to a place without any cell phone reception. Enjoy your family, eat some turkey, and recharge for the upcoming week.
  • Football: Cuddle up by the fire with a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa, and watch a great game of football. Put some throw pillows and blankets on the floor for other family members as well. Provide some light snacks and let the football game take care of entertaining guests.
  • Thankful thoughts: Gather all Thanksgiving guests together and hand out small pieces of paper and pens. Ask each guest to write down thankful thoughts from the past year. Go around and have each guest recite his or her thoughts.

Plan Thanksgiving things to do based on suggestions from your guests, your budget, and the weather. Take the pressure off of yourself, and work with an event planner for large groups.

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