Thanksgiving Table Settings

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house is a great opportunity to express your creativity with décor, but it can be a bit daunting. Your main focus should be on your Thanksgiving table setting, as this is where your guests will be spending most of their time. DIY Thanksgiving table decorations are a great way to give your Thanksgiving place settings some pizazz. The centerpiece is important, but don’t forget about the place settings, as they are an easy way for your guests to feel your personal touch.

Thanksgiving table setting ideas, DIY place setting

Try out these fall table decoration ideas we’ve pulled together for you:

Napkins: A great way to dress up your classic china is to buy inexpensive colored, or patterned napkins. You can even layer them underneath the plates as a cute, colorful placemat. If fancy napkin folding isn’t your thing, simply tie the napkin with a decorative ribbon and lay it on top of the plates. You can also add an autumn accent like mini pinecones or acorns.

Thanksgiving place setting ideas

Seasonal Fruits: A sophisticated table setting will often have a dish already set out when guests arrive. Incorporate a small bowl of kumquats at each place setting or a single pear. This edible table decoration doubles as a pre-appetizer to tease the palette before the feast begins.

Candles: Simple glass candle votive can easily dress up a place setting with some modification. Try gluing colorful leaves to the outside of the glass votive, or use a cornhusk. Make sure the decorations don’t reach over the top of the glass so they won’t catch on fire, and tie a piece of twine around the votive for extra flair.

Unique Napkin Rings: If you choose not to use ribbon as a napkin ring, try these easy ideas. Cut pieces of paper towel rolls into the desired thickness and decorate with colorful leaves, scrapbook paper, glitter, or beads. For an out-of-the-box idea, collect wishbones from roast chickens throughout the year. Take a piece of twine and glue and wrap it around the two ends of the wishbone, connecting them to make the wishbone into a connected ring. Spray paint the wishbones the color of choice (metallic paint looks nice!).

Place Cards: Even if your party is small, place cards are a great addition to any place setting. Write names with calligraphy ink or print in a creative font. For holders, try a simple piece of fruit, with twine tying the card to the stem of the fruit. A pumpkin would work well here or a rustic brown pear. You could also use whole walnuts by opening them just slightly so you can pinch the card in the opening.

Try out these table settings for Thanksgiving and pair them with your favorite centerpieces for the perfect complete table décor!

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