Summer Party Games

Plan fun summer party games to help get your summer party started. Entertain guests and keep everyone in a positive mood with exciting summer party activities. Plan summer party games for kids and summer party games for adults so everyone can get a piece of the action. Consider classic summer activities such as bocce, horseshoes and volleyball.

summer party games

Fun summer party games include:

  • Bocce: Choose bocce as a kids summer party game for a family themed event. Bocce is an Italian game that's similar to bowling. Play the game on soil or asphalt and gather two, four or eight players to participate. Play bocce with a total of eight large balls and one small ball (the jack). One team (randomly chosen) throws the jack to the other end of the court to start the game. The object is for one team to get as many of their balls closer to the jack than any of the opponent's balls. Each team gets a point for each of their balls that is closer to the jack than the closest ball of the other team. Most game length is 7 to 13 points.
  • Croquet: One of the most classic lawn games of all time, croquet can be played with up to six players at one time. Place the wooden stakes at either end of the lawn, then add the wickets. There should be one wicket in the center of the "court," two directly in front of each stake, and two on either edge of the playing field. Whoever plays their ball through all of the wickets in the correct order wins!
  • Horseshoes: Play horseshoes with guests for a perfect backyard summer party game. Divide the players into teams, with the same number of players on each team. Place two horseshoe stakes in the ground and have four horseshoes available (two for each team). Create a foul line where the players stand throughout the game. Have the first player of each team throw the horseshoes, one at a time (aiming at the stakes). Award points based on how close the horseshoe is to the stake. Award two points for a horseshoe on the stake and one point for a horseshoe within six inches of the stake. Continue the process with all players on the teams and whoever gets to 40 points first, wins.
  • Volleyball: Set up a volleyball net for active and athletic party guests. Divide the players into two teams with the object being to continue to hit the ball back and forth over the net. Drop the ball, and a point goes to the other team. The team to get to 25 points wins.
  • Photobooth: For a fun activity for your guests, hang a vintage picture frame from the branch of a tree. Provide a disposable camera and homemade props. Encourage your guests to strike a pose and snap a pic!

Award prizes to winners of the summer games, as an incentive to continue playing. Popular prizes include a gourmet lemonade mix, a smoothie recipe book or a beach kit with suntan lotion, flip flops, a beach towel and sunglasses.

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