Plan a High-Flying Planes Birthday Party

Action and adventure soar in Planes – and they will at your little one’s birthday party, too! Punchbowl now offers exclusive online invitations for Disney-themed parties, so start your Planes party planning with a free online party invitation featuring Dusty Crophopper and his trusty sidekicks. They’re ready for high-flying fun with this lively red envelope and invitation featuring a scene from the movie. Guests will also love the playful details including a plane-patterned envelope liner and Chug stamp.

To personalize this free Planes online invitation, simply fill out the party details like guest of honor, date, time, and location. Once it’s designed, send your invitations via email or share through social media. Then sit back and relax as the RSVPs fly into your inbox! 

free planes online invitation

Dusty, Skipper Riley, El Chupacabra and all of the Planes characters are ready for action and so is the bold, vibrant red of the online invitation. It’s easy to carry that theme over to plates and cups, tablecloths, balloons, and more. Choose from a variety of matching Planes party supplies! Mix solid color party supplies with themed items for easy planning – find it all right here at

The Planes online invitation is a perfect jumping-off point for your planning. Here are some fun, classic ideas for party activities:

  • Soar Through the Sky: Set up a paper airplane creation station! Use white paper and show little ones how to fold it into an airplane. Set out plenty of markers and paints for a bit of creative fun. After they’ve decorated them as their favorite Planes character, set up a “Test Flight” area.  See who soars the farthest!

Planes Birthday Party

  • Play Pilot Says: This game works just like the classic game Simon Says, but with a Planes twist! “Pilot says…hop on one foot” or “Pilot says….spin in a circle.” If an instruction is given without “Pilot says,” and a guest follows, they are out! Last one flying is the winner.
  • Play Musical Clouds: Another variation on a classic game, this works the same way as Musical Chairs. Cut out paper clouds, and tape to the floor in a circle – but with one less cloud than the total number of guests! Have the kids stand around the circle and begin “flying” around it once you start the music. Randomly stop the music, and each guest scrambles for a seat on a cloud. The pilot who’s left standing is out!

Create your free Disney online invitation, and let us help you start planning your big celebration today! For even more magical party ideas party, be sure to visit Disney Family.

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