Family Cookout for Father's Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not plan a family cookout at your house to celebrate all of the great dads in your family? A Father’s Day cookout is a great way to show your father, grandfather, uncles, and brothers that you care and appreciate all that they do for you and your family!
It's important to make your Father's Day cookout more special than all of your other family cookouts. For example, give the guys a day off and take control of the grill. You can also extend the invite for your family cookout to people that you may not normally invite to your impromptu cookouts. Make an effort to decorate for the guys to add to the atmosphere. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Invitations: One way to make your Father's Day cookout special for the dad's in your life is to send online Father's Day invitations to your family and friends. Invitations have a way of making an event feel more important as opposed to a phone call or email, both of which can seem a bit more casual. Also, if you plan to make your family cookout a potluck, you can easily create and include your potluck list with your Punchbowl invitations so guests sign up to bring an item when they RSVP. 

  • Menu: For the special occasion, cater the menu items to Dad’s tastes. If he likes spicy foods, have a variety of hot sauces and spicy foods for him to try. If he loves meat, make sure to have steak or other types of meat cooked his favorite way. If you plan to have a big turnout for your Father's Day cookout, consider appeasing everyone with a surf and turf menu! Check out these cookout side dishes and cookout desserts for more inspiration. 

  • Decorations: Keep the decorations simple for your family cookout in honor of Father's Day. String up some lights along the house or through the trees. Put up a few tiki torches to keep the bugs away. If you want to incorporate a theme for your party, the decorations give you a great opportunity to do so. Possible themes for the decorations include a favorite sports team (you can also get everyone to chip in to get the men tickets to a big game), have a golf-themed party (gifts can revolve around golf items like a new putter or golf bag), or decorate your backyard like a tropical luau!
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