Personalizing Your Holiday Gift Giving

Perfect your gift giving etiquette this year, and personalize presents for each recipient. Even create your own holiday gift giving guide in advance. Write down each recipient’s name, along with his or her likes and dislikes. Review all of your gift giving ideas, and choose one to align with the recipients specific “likes.”

Be inspired by one of these ideas and impress recipients with your good holiday gift giving etiquette:

  • Gift Repeats: Avoid giving the same gifts to everyone, like Christmas stockings with trinkets, candy, and socks. Make the kids’ stockings distinctive to their personalities. Include specific items that align with their hobbies such as sports, dancing, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Generic Gifts: Avoid generic gifts like mall gift cards. Instead, select a specific store for the gift card. For a teenager, give a gift card to his or her favorite clothing store. For a young child, give a gift card to his or her favorite amusement park or toy store. For an adult, purchase tickets to a specific play or movie.
  • Ask in Advance: Show gift recipients that you care, and ask them in advance for gift ideas. Ask for a few different options and surprise the recipients with your final decision. Feel great knowing they appreciate your meaningful gift ideas and leave your holiday party with a sense of accomplishment.

Show that you pay attention to your family and friends’ likes and dislikes with your personal gift giving ideas. The proof is in the present! Need to invite family to your Christmas gift swap this year? Try one of our free Christmas invitations!

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