Oktoberfest Menu

Plan a fantastic Oktoberfest menu to celebrate the sixteen day harvest festival with family and friends. Plan Oktoberfest food for the appetizer and main course, and finish the celebration with a delicious dessert.

Here are some menu ideas for Oktoberfest foods:


  • Soft Pretzels: Start guests off with delicious soft pretzels to absorb the beer in their bellies. Supply a side dip of sweet, sharp, or tangy mustard to complement the soft pretzels. Make it easy on yourself and purchase frozen pretzels from your local grocery store, or if you’re keen, take the time out to make them yourself.
  • Currywurst: Purchase bratwurst style sausages, cook them, and cut them into pieces. Whip up some curry ketchup for a pop of flavor. Pour the curry ketchup over the sausages and sprinkle curry powder over the delightful treat. Serve the Currywurst with bread rolls.

Main Course

  • Potato Pancake with Toppings: Make delicious potato pancakes to celebrate Oktoberfest with a few simple ingredients such as potato shreds, eggs, flour, salt, ground pepper, and vegetable oil. Add flavorful toppings such as ham and sauerkraut, smoked salmon, and BBQ curry chicken.
  • Beer-Marinated Chicken: Continue the Oktoberfest tradition and incorporate beer into the main course. Make a mouth-watering beer-marinade for your chicken with peanut oil, German mustard, German beer, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, basil, thyme.


  • German Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies: Create an end to a great day with sticky, gooey melt-in-your-mouth fudge brownies. Make the brownies with German dark chocolate, black cherry preserves, spiced apple butter, honey, eggs, salt, vanilla extract, flour. Top with walnuts for an optional flourish.

Enjoy a delicious Octoberfest menu during your celebration! Make your menu in advance of the celebration or ask family and friends to help with the dishes.

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