Mr. Men & Little Miss Party Ideas

Have a blast with a Mr. Men & Little Miss themed party! This vibrant theme is a fun way to celebrate your little one. There are tons of creative decoration, food, craft, and activity ideas you can incorporate into your day.
To begin your party planning, personalize colorful Mr. Men & Little Miss online invitations to get your guests excited as soon as they open it! Add all the important party details like date, time, location. Easily send your free Mr. Men & Little Miss invitations via email, or share them on social media. Punchbowl makes it super easy to track RSVPs as they come in. Have fun choosing the perfect invitation design!
Now that you’ve set the stage for the theme with free Mr. Men & Little Miss party invitations, it’s time to start planning! Here are a few tips to help you host the best birthday celebration ever:
  • Decorations: Bring the party to life by greeting your guests with a “Welcome to Misterland” sign and a display of colorful balloons! A fun DIY project is to create Mr. Men & Little Miss characters out of colorful lanterns to display around your party. Use a yellow lantern for Mr. Happy, and draw eyes and a big smile with a black sharpie! A pink lantern with a yellow paper crown is perfect for Little Miss Princess! Place each character’s book next to the corresponding homemade character for the finishing touch. Your guests will be delighted!
  • Little Miss Giggles Game: A Little Miss Giggles game is a fun way to carry over the theme into an activity! Sit in a circle, and have each kid do something funny when it’s their turn. Whoever can’t contain their laughter is out and must sit in the middle of the circle and do something silly (without making any noise!). Continue going around the circle and whoever laughs joins the middle. The last person left is the winner!
  • Little Miss Bossy Says: Challenge the kids to a game of “Little Miss Bossy Says.” Keep the same rules as Simon Says, but use the phrase “Little Miss Bossy Says.” Guests will love this classic game!
  • Character Cupcakes: Incorporate the Mr. Men & Little Miss characters into a delicious treat! Bake vanilla cupcakes and top with vanilla frosting. Next, decorate each with a colorful face of one of the many characters. The little ones will enjoy choosing which character they want and devouring this delightful dessert!
Your little misters and misses will love this vivid, playful theme! Create your Mr. Men & Little Miss invitations and start planning your party today!
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