Memorial Day Decorations

Make your Memorial Day party special and memorable by adding Memorial Day decorations. Select a theme, create centerpieces, plan the table settings and display decorations for all guests to enjoy!

Memorial Day decoration ideas include:

  • Theme: Plan the Memorial Day decor around a theme that pays homage to America and those who have served the country. On holidays such as these, there's no limit to how much red, white and blue you can use! Memorial Day also symbolizes the start of summer, so consider themes like a luau or a beach party.
  • Centerpieces: Place Memorial Day centerpieces on the tables for guests to take home after the party. Centerpiece ideas include floral arrangements, balloons and flags in a jar. For the floral centerpieces, arrange red and white flowers (like carnations or roses) in a vase. Place a red, white and blue pinwheel in the center of the arrangement for an accent. For the balloon centerpiece, visit your local party supply store to purchase mylar balloons with a red, white and blue color scheme. Surround each of the mylar balloons with clear latex balloons and be sure to tie to sandbags so they don't float away! Another option is to place a bunch of small American flags on poles in a mason jar with sand at the bottom to anchor the arrangement.
  • Table Setting: A lot goes into building a festive table setting! Buy white plates, cups, napkins, cutlery and red paper table cloths. Place a table cloth on each table and place a plate at each setting. Use a white liquid pen (found at all craft stores) to draw a square around each plate - make sure there is at least a six border between the line and the plate. Write a personal note to each guest and their name in the square and leave a bunch of pens in the center of the table for everyone to write notes. Combine one of each utensil and wrap with a napkin. Take some blue ribbon and tie around each napkin/utensil and curl the ribbon. Stick a small American flag through the ribbon and put one at each setting. Set out bottles of bubbles, noicemakers and pitchers of water with raspberry and blueberries mixed in with ice.
  • Decorations: If the party is being held outside, blow up red, white and blue beach balls and put them in the pool or scatter them all around. Decorate banisters, deck, chairs and tables with festive crepe streamers. Make a larger version of the balloon centerpiece mentioned above and place throughout the space. For a sentimental touch, make a memory board for guests to write about family or friends they know who have served and perished in America's armed forces.
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