Memorial Day Crafts

Teach kids about Memorial Day through several craft projects that honor those lost while serving their country. Incorporate red, white and blue for a Patriotic touch and plan Memorial Day crafts activities that kids and adults will enjoy.

Memorial Day craft ideas include:

  • American Flag: Set up an arts and crafts activity like creating an American flag. Purchase pieces of large white cardstock, red and blue construction paper, gold or silver star stickers and popsicle sticks at your local craft store. Use a ruler to draw lines on the red construction paper so that it looks like there are multiple stripes and cut out each one. Cut a square out of the blue construction paper. Glue all the stripes and blue square to the cardstock and apply the star stickers in the blue square. Glue each flag to a popsicle stick and wave away!
  • Wind Socket: A perfect Memorial Day craft for kids, wind sockets are fun and easy! Purchase red, white and blue construction paper and crepe paper streamers. Have each child select a piece of construction paper and place it in front of them so that horizontally it is 11” and vertically it is 8.5”. Instruct them to roll the construction paper from left to right so that it looks like a tube. Staple the tube so it stays in place. Use multiple pieces of the streamers and glue one end of each streamer to the bottom of the tube. Use a hole punch to make three holes at the top (without streamers) of the wind socket. Cut three pieces of string of equal length and tie each to a corresponding hole. Tie all the ends of the string together and hang outside to let it play in the wind!
  • Patriotic Pin: For this craft you'll need an assortment of fun America-themed stickers, decorative edge scissors, strong adhesive, laminating paper and pin backs, all of which can be found at a craft store. Place the sticker(s) on a piece of laminating paper and cover with another piece. Trim around the sticker with the decorative scissors. Glue a pin back on the back of the sticker/laminating paper and pin on to show your American spirit!
  • Paper Fireworks: Gather scraps of paper and wrapping paper that have red, white, or blue patterns. You'll also need yellow or gold paper, newspaper, some toilet paper and papertowl rolls, glue, thin wood dowels, and scissors. Begin by wrapping each of the toilet paper and paptertowl rolls in the patterned paper. Secure each one with a thin layer of glue. Next, cut out paper stars using the gold or yellow paper. (Tip: Trace a star-shaped cookie cutter if you want them to be uniform.) Attach two stars to the top of each dowel, one on either side, and glue the edges together. Place one dowel inside each of your decorated rolls and stuff with newspaper to hold in place. Decorate a table with a pretty arrangment of your red, white, and blue crafts!
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