Medieval Party

Want to celebrate like it’s the Middle Ages? Consider hosting a medieval party! A medieval theme party is perfect for an adult birthday, prom, costume party, or other type of event.

The medieval times were all about royalty, knights, and castles, which make it an easy theme to tie into all aspects of your party planning. Use these party ideas to make your medieval soiree unique and memorable.

  • Invitations: Send medieval theme invitations to let your guests know about the party. The perfect invitations for this theme either use a vintage style design or include accents like a crown, knights, dragons, or a castle. Also, make sure you pick a font that looks like calligraphy writing, such as the font “Gothic” or “Old English” to make it look more authentic.
  • Decorations: A medieval party theme cannot come together without the right medieval party decorations. To create your own medieval castle, use colors like deep purples, dark reds, dark blues, dark greens, and gold. Incorporate these colors into the ribbons that you hang across your ceiling and throughout your party space. Cover all of your tables with theme colored table cloths. Hang posters of medieval castles, knights, and royalty to transform the look of your walls.  Place tall candles in antique looking candle holders or extravagant candleabras on every table to create the perfect ambiance. For an added touch, dress up a mannequin in knight’s amour to make your guests feel like a real knight is at the party with them. This also makes a great backdrop for pictures during the celebration!
  • Food/Drink: Medieval cuisine focused on meats, cheese, and vegetables. That said, a great appetizer idea is a cheese plate with crackers, cured meats, and fresh olives. For dinner, serve chicken and beef skewers with garlic mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley. For drinks, beer and wine are most appropriate for the theme. To make your guests feel like they have truly stepped back in time, serve all drinks in big gold goblets. These can usually found at a local party store and are ideal for a Middle Ages celebration.
  • Costumes: Turn your medieval festival into a costume party to make it even more over the top. Make sure you alert your guests about the costume party when you send out your online invitations. Some great costume ideas include a queen, king, knight, or peasant. Costumes will get your guests involved in the party and create a festive atmosphere for the medieval celebration.
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