Masquerade Party

If you want a theme is that over the top, extravagant, and opulent, then a masquerade party is perfect! This theme is ideal for birthdays, galas, and other types of events. With so many masquerade party ideas, no two masquerade parties are the same. Here are some party planning tips to help inspire your masquerade party.

  • Attire: The attire at a masquerade party is undoubtedly the most important component. You, as the host, need to decide how you'd like guests to dress. Masquerade party may mean something different to different people. It could imply upscale, fancy costumes to one person, while it could mean a casual costume party to someone else. For an all out masquerade party, encourage guests to come in classic costumes complete with beautifully adorned masks. With guests eyes covered, there is an illusion of mystery added to the party. To make sure guests comply with your attire, you might want to provide a few extra masks at the entrance of the party in case someone does not come prepared.
  • Invitations: Send your guests masquerade party invitations to inform them about the special occasion. Make sure your invitations are colorful and elegant to reflect the theme. A nice touch is to include a mask on the design. Use wording on the invitations such as “Masquerade Magic” or “Masked Ball.” Don’t forget to include other important details such as the time, place, and location.
  • Decorations: Start with a color scheme for the party. For your masquerade theme, pick two rich colors such as deep purple and burgundy and use gold or silver as an accent color. Metallic colors work perfectly with any masquerade celebration. Once you’ve decided on a color theme, purchase balloons, streamers, masquerade masks, and large candles in those colors. Bundle the balloons into bouquets and place them throughout the party to dramatically transform your space quickly and easily. Cover all your tables with masks, candles, and glitter to add a festive touch. To create the romance associated with masquerades, use lots of candles and twinkling lights throughout your party space.
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