Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

Every day should be known as Earth Day, but for now, picking one day in April to celebrate how much our planet provides for us makes a statement. Corporations, small business, and volunteers organize lots of Earth Day events to get people interested and involved in helping our planet. You can do your part too by celebrating Earth day with a neighborhood cleanup, an Earth Day party, or by volunteering in larger Earth Day activities.

Are you looking for more ways of how to celebrate Earth Day? Here are some Earth Day ideas: 

Earth Day activities for kids: Invite all the local kids over for a neighborhood cleanup. If your neighborhood isn't really in need of a massive cleanup, contact the local Parks & Recreation department to see if they could use some extra volunteers to clean your town's parks.

Earth Day crafts: Make a bird feeder out of recycled goods! Save a plastic liter soda bottle and the top. Cut two oval holes on either side, about 3 inches in height and 2 inches at the farthest ends. Make sure there is at least a few inches from the bottom of the bottle. Cut a smaller hole, about 1/4" in diameter right below each of the ovals. Cut a 12" dowel rod in half and stick through both holes, so it dissects through the middle of the bottle. Tie string or burlap to the top of the bottle, around the top where the bottle top goes. Screw on the top and fill with birdseed. Hang in a tree and let the birdies feast!

Use recycled bags to pick up trash and offer healthy organic snacks like homemade granola. Stress the importance of recycling and the problem with littering. Also explain to the children that we all must do our part so the next generation can enjoy the Earth like they do.

And don’t forget about the adults! They should be celebrating Earth Day too! Plant trees or other greenery at the local playground, help an elderly neighbor with yard clean up, or stage a month of carpooling to work. In the end, everyone will leave the event happy and the Earth will thank you!

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