How to Host a Christmas Tree Trimming Party

A tree decorating party is one of the most traditional activities to share during the holiday season. If you want to invite others over to partake in this special event, take a look at these Christmas tree trimming party ideas to help you get started.

Find inspiration in these Christmas tree trimming party ideas:

Tree Trimming Party Invitations

Pick a free Christmas invitation that will go with the theme of your event. Include the name of the party, host, date, time, place, RSVP info, and any other details such as a potluck. Once you customize your invitation, deliver by text or email instantly and manage RSVPs online.

Tree Trimming Party Decorations

Since there will be a lot of people moving around the tree, it may be a good idea to keep other decorations around the house to a minimum. Instead, spend time pre-sorting which ornaments you want to use for your tree and make sure they are organized before visitors arrive. It will also be easiest if the selections are dispersed throughout the room for easy access. Get the tree setup in the base, but make sure it’s in the center of the room so all sides are open for decorating. If you are going to have lights on your tree, it will be also be helpful to add these ahead of time. Start from the top and travel down, nestling lights deep into the branches.

Tree Decorating Party Menu

Provide lots of snacks and beverages for your guests to munch on as they decorate and mingle. Make Christmas tree pizzas for a savory course that will go with your theme. Delicious Christmas cookie recipes are also a must have, of course. You can also pop a big batch of popcorn: half of which can go towards making garlands and the other half can go into guests’ stomachs!

Tree Decorating Party Activities

Trimming the tree will certainly be the main event at this party, but plan other activities to do as well. Put together a festive holiday playlist of favorite songs and sing along with carols. Take lots of photos together, as well as before and after shots of the Christmas tree.

Tree Trimming Party Favors

To thank your guests for coming over to help you trim your tree, give each person a personalized photo ornament to hang in their own home. You can set this up as an activity during your party with just a few simple supplies such as plain wooden frames from your local crafts store and some paint. Another option is to wrap up small gifts such as snow globes or homemade baked goods and place them under the tree. Once the tree is complete, tell each of your guests to take a present before they leave.

Decorating the Christmas tree can be a daunting task for just one person, so having an intimate party for family members and friends to assist in trimming the tree can be a great idea. You will not only end up with a beautifully decorated tree, but you will also have the chance to spend time in good company.
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