Host a Gingerbread Party

Looking for a unique idea for a holiday party? Host a gingerbread party with friends, family or a group of kids as a way to celebrate the holiday season and have fun at the same time. Gingerbread is easy to make and decorating little gingerbread men, houses, and cookies is an entertaining activity for all. There are a few things to remember when throwing a gingerbread house decorating party, making a gingerbread village, or figuring out what to buy to decorate everything with. Here are a few helpful hints.

Throwing a gingerbread house party: Make a few batches of gingerbread using a family recipe or a recipe found online (they are usually pretty much the same). Make a house template out of cardboard or posterboard. Make two side walls, a front wall, a back wall and two pieces for the roof. Cut out doors and windows where you want them. Bake according to the instructions and allow to cool. Making gingerbread houses is super easy with the help of some melted sugar. Combine a few dabs of butter, sugar, and water in a pot and bring to the boil. Just before it completely cools, use a paintbrush and the mixture to adhere all the parts of the house together.

Gingerbread house party ideas: Use a cookie cutter to make gingerbread people, dogs, fences, and a chimney. Line a piece of cardboard with foil and build the house and everything else on that platform. Use frosting to make the people stand up straight and to adhere other parts of the house to the stand. Color the frosting with food coloring so it looks super festive.

Gingerbread decorating party: A gingerbread party isn't complete without decorating your masterpiece. Purchase all kinds of candy, sprinkles, crackers, etc. to use all over the gingerbread. Some suggested candies to buy are:

  • Licorice for gutters, window panes, and shutters
  • Gumdrops, M&Ms, Lifesavers, candy canes, Skittles, and Reeses Cups as colorful decoration on the house
  • Wheat Thins for shingles
  • Nilla Wafers for doors
  • Pretzel sticks for the fence
  • Shaved coconut for snow

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When you invite people to your party, make sure they know about the gingerbread party theme and have them bring some supplies so you're not stuck buying everything yourself. Show off your decorations together and take pictures to look back on!

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