25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 24: Turn a Chore Into a Shared Experience

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Day 24: Turn a Chore Into a Shared Experience

On Day 24, the penultimate day of our challenge, it’s time to wrap up all your holiday prep. Today, we’ll tackle your to-do list, but in a fun and festive way that will help you create new memories. 

We’re almost halfway through December. Have you completed everything on your holiday to-do list? Don’t stress! We’ve got a few ideas to help. Today’s assignment is to turn a chore into a shared experience. We all know there’s strength in numbers, so why not get your crew together to complete a project and turn it into a fond memory? Set aside a time to gather (a weeknight after dinner is great for this) so everyone can focus their attention on a task, provide encouragement, and get it done.
Invite local friends to join you for a:

  • Last-Minute Shopping Party: Still have a few more gifts to get? Invite guests to gather with their laptops and credit cards at the ready, or hit the mall together. Swap gift ideas for the hard-to-shop-for, share coupons and other holiday deals, and check everyone off your list. Almost qualify for free shipping but not quite? Combine online orders with another guest to get those gifts in hand without spending a dime on delivery. For in-person shopping, divide up your shopping lists and send one person off to each store to maximize your time.
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  • Gift Wrap Gathering: Tired of the same old wrapping paper, gift bags and bows, or just dread wrapping altogether? Plan a gift-wrapping party with yummy cocktails. This is the perfect way to pool your wrapping resources and knock one more thing off your to-do list while hanging with friends. Let guests know to bring gift wrap and bags, tissue paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, bows, and gift tags – then get wrapping!
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  • Holiday Project Party: Gather with friends to cross-stitch that Christmas stocking for your pup, crochet those mittens for your niece, or assemble those pinecone napkin rings before you host dinner. Ask guests to bring their holiday project to your home along with any supplies they need and provide bite-sized snacks for busy hands while you work. Put on your favorite holiday record and settle in for a cozy evening of crafting.
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Surround yourself with others, knock something off your to-do list, and create a lasting memory. What task will you take on? 

That’s it for Day 24 of our challenge! Join us tomorrow for our very last assignment. We’ll focus on how to set aside time to reflect on the holiday season.

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