25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 10: Share Then & Now Thanksgiving Photos

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Day 10: Share Then & Now Thanksgiving Photos

Whether you plan to shop ‘til you drop with Black Friday deals or you’re more of an #OptOutside person, take a couple minutes today to savor your Thanksgiving memories before you move on to the next holiday. Day 10 of our challenge is a moment to reflect and reminisce.

Where were you a year ago on Thanksgiving? How about 5 years ago? 10? Or more? Were you at the same place with the same people, or did you see new faces and places? Your challenge today is to hunt down a photo from one of those past celebrations and your favorite photo from yesterday, and post them. Share Then & Now Thanksgiving photos on social media. Remember to tag #25DaysofHolidayMemories. 

Tip: Download the free app from Timehop and connect your social accounts + photos stored on your phone. Timehop makes it easy to see all your photos, videos, and social posts from this exact day in history – it’s like Throwback Thursday every day. There’s even a handy Then & Now feature. 

For your Then & Now photo caption, comment about what has changed and what has stayed the same. Reflecting on the passage of time in this way can reveal a new perspective and help ground us as we enter the next chapter of the holiday season. 

Congrats! You’ve wrapped up Week 2 of the 25 Days of Holiday Memories. On Monday, we’ll dive into the holiday party season together and share our top tips & strategies. Have a great weekend!

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