25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 2: Plan a Weeknight Gathering

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Day 2: Plan a Themed Weeknight Gathering

For Day 2 of the 25 Days of Holiday Memories, we want to dive into one of the hallmarks of the holiday season: hosting. Today is a reminder that holiday hosting doesn't mean you have to throw a huge party (we'll get to that later!). Small and simple gatherings are the perfect way to get the crew together and celebrate the season.

As much as we love to see our friends this time of year, the weekends are typically packed with big events and holiday errands. Your assignment today is simple – plan a themed weeknight gathering. We’ll break down the details for you.

  1. Look at your calendar for the next few weeks and pick an open weeknight.
  2. Choose a theme for your gathering. The point is to be memorable (we’re here to make holiday memories after all) but keep it casual. We’ve got 5 creative ideas for you. Keep reading.
  3. Send free online invitations to 5 friends from Punchbowl.com.
  4. No cooking required. Plan to order takeout or add a Potluck List to your invite.

That’s it. To inspire you, here are a few fun holiday party themes & matching online invitations for inspiration.

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  • Holiday Movie Watch-Party. Get into the seasonal spirit with an old classic or newer holiday movie. Pajamas are highly encouraged! 

  • Flannel & Fizz Night. Gather around a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit (if you can brave the temperatures!) and get cozy with cocktails and plenty of flannel blankets.

  • Holiday Crafting. Ask guests to bring a variety of craft supplies from home. Gather round the table, roll up your sleeves, and make art elementary-school style.

  • Holiday Game Night. Have fun and unwind with a little competition! Gather for a night of Bunco or your favorite board game.

  • Christmas Coffee Hour. Meet up at your favorite cafe for a hot drink and good conversation. Bonus: No need to tidy up the house.

Congrats! You’ve completed Day 2 of the 25 Days of Holiday Memories. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s assignment. It’s sure to be music to your ears!

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