25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 16: Organize a Thank You Group Video

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Day 16: Organize a Thank You Group Video

Welcome back to the 25 Days of Holiday Memories! On Day 16 of our challenge, we’ll continue our theme of gratitude with an opportunity to send heartfelt messages of thanks to someone special.

With the holiday season upon us, many take the time to reflect on the past year and the people who helped make it memorable. Now is the perfect time to express your gratitude and thank these special people. Today, organize a Thank You Group Video for someone who makes a difference in your life.

To start, think of someone in your community who deserves some end-of-year gratitude. You can reach out to parents and students to make a Group Video with messages for a favorite teacher or coach; fellow church or synagogue members for a beloved religious leader; or employees and supporters of a local nonprofit for an all-star volunteer. Perhaps there is someone on your team at work who deserves special thanks this year, or a military service member you want to recognize.

Creating a Group Video is easier than you think. Follow these three steps:

  1. Set up a Group Video on Memento: Start a new Group Video, add a photo, and set a due date. Invite contributors by email or text message, or simply copy and share a link. Encourage everyone to share their words of appreciation and a favorite memory in their video message.

  2. Collect & Combine Video Clips: Those who receive your link can record a video clip from any device. When you receive the video messages, arrange them in your preferred order, select background colors, choose music, and add a brief written message. Finally, click to create your Group Video.

  3. Share & Surprise Someone Special: Within minutes, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to your completed Group Video. Share the link with the recipient for a truly heartwarming surprise they’ll remember for years to come. 

A Group Video is one of the most memorable and meaningful ways for a group of people to express thanks and appreciation, together. We hope your kind messages of gratitude and love make the holiday season a little brighter for someone who deserves it.

Another day done! As we start Week 4 of our 25-day challenge, today is also a good opportunity to catch up on daily assignments you may have missed from the first three weeks. Some of our favorites: Day 1 (Take 5 Photos); Day 6 (Plan a New Tradition); and Day 11 (Send Holiday Party Invitations). Tomorrow, we’ll share a sweet way to spread holiday cheer. 

More ways to participate in the 25 Days of Holiday Memories:

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