25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 7: Honor Someone's Memory

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Day 7: Honor Someone's Memory

On Day 7 of our 25-day challenge, we pause to celebrate a different kind of memory – the memory of a loved one who is no longer with us. Let today serve as a reminder to celebrate the life of someone important to you, the love you shared, and the meaningful memories you made together.

The holidays are all about gathering with friends and family. When a loved one has passed, we feel their absence most acutely at this time of year. Who are you thinking of as you read this? Take a moment to honor their memory this holiday season.

Here are some simple and meaningful ways to remember a loved one today:

  • Light a candle. Inspired by the Jewish tradition of the yahrzeit or yizkor candle, light a candle at sunset today and place it in your window to celebrate a loved one’s memory.
  • Share a favorite holiday memory. Think of your favorite holiday story about your loved one, and share it. Post it on social media, text it to a friend, or call a family member to reminisce over the phone.
  • Cook a favorite holiday meal. Did your loved one have a favorite holiday snack, cocktail, or dish? Buy it or make it, and think of them as you enjoy something that you know they enjoyed. 
  • Listen to a favorite song. Is there a song that pops into your head anytime you think of your loved one around the holidays? Play it today in their honor.
No matter how you choose to remember your loved one, we hope it provides you with comfort and warm memories today.  

Tomorrow, on Day 8 of our challenge, we’ll share an easy way to capture special moments – big and small – at your Thanksgiving celebration this year. 

More ways to participate in the 25 Days of Holiday Memories:

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