25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 3: Create a Holiday Playlist

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Day 3: Create a Holiday Playlist

Welcome to Day 3 of the 25 Days of Holiday Memories. Today’s assignment is all about the power of music. Seasonal songs can instantly lift your spirits, evoke warm & fuzzy feelings, and bring back fond memories. Music is also an easy way to connect with loved ones who are faraway. Let’s get started!

There’s a reason people start to play holiday music in October. These tunes are all about nostalgia and can often transport us to “way back when” within seconds. What better way to get into a festive mood than to create a holiday playlist and share it? That is your assignment for today. Here are some tips to help guide you. 

  1. Use a streaming service. There are plenty of music streaming sites that offer access to a wide variety of songs and let you easily create and share a playlist. 

  2. Mix or Theme. When you create a playlist, you can choose to create a mix, or you can pick a specific theme. Classic carols. Motown hits. All new 2023 material. All Mariah, all the time. Folk covers of holiday songs. You get the idea. Whichever approach you take, create something that suits your mood today.

  3. Choose 12+ Songs. A dozen songs will get you to about an hour’s worth of music, which is the perfect length for a playlist you plan to share. If you’re on a roll, feel free to add more. 

  4. Name + Share: Get creative and brainstorm a fun playlist name such as Festive Fanfare, Hanukkah Hits, Christmas Countdown, Mary’s Merry Music, Jolly Jamboree, or Sleighful Sounds. Once you’ve got your name, share your creation! Post the link in a group text or on social. Ask people to tell you if they listen to it. Use it as your background music for Thanksgiving dinner.

A playlist is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, and connect with friends & family. When you know that someone an ocean away is listening to the same music as you, it adds a spark of holiday magic to the day.

For more inspiration, check out the Wayback Winter Wonderland playlist from Timehop on Spotify.

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Another day in the books! Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 4 of the 25 Days of Holiday Memories. We’ve got some festive fun in store for your schedule. 

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