Free eCards for Labor Day

Labor Day unofficially marks the symbolic end of summer and gives everyone one more reason to kick back, relax and celebrate. It's always celebrated on the first Monday in September and was instituted as a federal holiday in 1894 as a way to calm Americans after the deaths of a number of workers by U.S. military and Marshalls during the Pullman Strike.

Many towns have a parade and friends and families gather for a day spent outside grilling and socializing. There's no better way to get everyone in the spirit than to send free eCards for Labor Day. Punchbowl has a variety of free eCards to choose from and they are all customizable - put whatever greeting you want on the inside! Here are some of the free Labor Day eCards Punchbowl offers:

Free Labor Day cards from Punchbowl are a fun way to say hello, wish loved ones and friends a happy fall and spread a little last-minute end of summer cheer. Browse the selection now and surprise someone with a Labor Day greeting.

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