Frankenstein Party

Throw a Halloween celebration with a Frankenstein party theme! Go all out and hang Frankenstein decorations, create your own Frankenstein "laboratory" with fun food and drinks and make a delicious cake for dessert. Get the party started by greeting your guests at the door dressed as Frankenstein or in a white lab coat covered in red food coloring for blood.

Fantastic Frankenstein cake pops for Halloween.

Here are some Frankenstein party ideas to transform your party into a Halloween fright night:

  • Decorations: Set up a Frankenstein "lab" as the centerpiece of the party. Swap out regular light bulbs for colored orange and green bulbs to cast a freaky light. Collect pickle and food jars and fill them with water and red food coloring. Place plastic body parts inside of the jars and use masking tape to label them. Hang other Frankenstein decorations around the party space (like "High Voltage" signs, surgical instruments, cardboard cut-outs of Frankenstein, etc.).
  • Menu: Make some sweet treats to serve at the party like Frankenstein monster marshmallows. Place large marshmallows on the end of popsicle sticks and paint the marshmallows with green food coloring. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave and dip the tops of the marshmallows in the melted chocolate for hair. Use white Smarties for the monster’s eyes and stick them on with melted chocolate and dab a dot of black frosting in the center of the Smartie. Break a small pretzel stick in half and stick in the bottom of the marshmallow as bolts. Serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the Frankenstein Halloween party - for example, serve shots in laboratory test tubes and serve non-alcoholic beverages in laboratory beakers.
  • Cake: Bake a Frankenstein cake for the party. Bake a rectangular cake and frost with green frosting. Use black frosting to create the Frankenstein montser’s hair. Cover the black hair with black or brown colored sprinkles. Use two Oreo cookies, open, with the filling upwards, for two eyes. Make black dots with black frosting. Use black string licorice for Frankenstein’s mouth and nose.
Use these ideas to help transform a traditional Halloween party into a Frankenstein celebration. It's time to make a few monsters!
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