Plan an Action-Packed Party Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “Cars on the Road”

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Start your engines and return to the world of “Cars” with Disney and Pixar’s all-new original series “Cars on the Road.” Follow Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater as they head out of Radiator Springs on a cross-country road trip to meet up with Mater’s sister and have some epic adventures along the way!  

“Cars on the Road” is now streaming on Disney+.

Host an Epic “Cars on the Road” Party

Start your celebration planning with “Cars on the Road” invitations that can be customized with important event details and sent right from your phone! 

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“Cars on the Road” Decorations, Activities + Menu

Recreate Lightning and Mater’s cross-country adventure with road sign decals throughout your party space and banners or bunting made from old maps. Use black table cloths with yellow tape down the middle to look like streets and create centerpieces out of clean oil containers filled with checkered flags.

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Fuel up your guests’ engines with yummy foods like hot dogs made to look like cars, fruit skewers with colors of a stop light, and a Lightning McQueen cake or cupcakes.

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For activities, have guests go on a Cross-Country Scavenger Hunt. Hide pictures of famous US locations like Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, and the Statue of Liberty throughout your party space and give guests a list with thumbnail pics of the landmarks so they can check off the attractions as they find them. Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt gets a prize like Cars stickers or assorted candy.

“Pin the Tire” on Lightning McQueen is another fun party game to play. Print out or draw Lightning on poster board and give each guest a paper tire to pin while blindfolded. The best pinner can win a matchbox Lightning McQueen! 

Lastly, for party favors, send your guests home with “Road Trip” goody bags filled with snacks, a water bottle, printable games, markers, stickers, and more. Tie a note to each bag that says something like “Thanks for racing over and making the trip to celebrate my birthday!” 

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Send a “Cars on the Road” Greeting Card

Beyond birthdays, send a loved one good luck wishes with a thoughtful digital greeting card that features the entire “Cars on the Road” gang. Personalize the message inside the card, include a short video clip with your best wishes, and add a gift card for an extra special treat! 

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Start planning an unforgettable celebration today with these Cars-inspired party ideas, invitations, and card — and watch Disney and Pixar’s “Cars on the Road,” now streaming only on Disney+!

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