Bachelorette Party Shirts

Want to add a personalized touch to your bachelorette party? Create customized bachelorette party shirts to add a fun, sassy, and memorable touch to the bridal bash. Picking the right design to fit the bride’s personality and party theme can be tough with so many styles, colors, and wording from which to choose. Here are a few bachelorette party shirt ideas to help you create the perfect design.

  • Style: Decide on a shirt style before you design a bachelorette shirt. You want to make sure that the style is comfortable for everyone and is appropriate for the theme of your bachelorette party. The most popular styles are bachelorette party tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts. Tank tops and t-shirts are perfect for warm weather parties at a tropical location or during the summer months. Long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts are ideal for a party in the winter months or for a slumber party theme.
  • Colors: Once you have picked a style, the next step in completing your bachelorette party shirt design is to choose a color scheme. Your t-shirt colors should reflect your party theme. Ideally, pick one solid color for the shirt then one or two supporting colors for the wording and design. Make sure that the wording and design colors are very different from the t-shirt color so that they are visible. This will ensure that your t-shirt design looks chic and not tacky.
  • Design: Picking a design is a great way to add a playful touch your t-shirts. Often, you can incorporate your party theme into the design. For example, if it were a tropical destination themed party your design could include bikinis, palm trees, or flip-flops. If you want a more traditional design then choose something more bridal such as a diamond ring, a bride, or a champagne glass.
  • Wording: To complete your party shirts you need to include a sassy saying or funny phrase to your design. If you can incorporate your theme into the wording then do so. Also, if a saying was used on the party invites you can put it on the shirts to tie everything together. Including the date of the party, location, and bride’s name is a great way to make the design even more personal. Here are a few popular sayings to help inspired your bachelorette t-shirt wording:

    - The Fling Before the Ring!
    - Bride to Be (for the bride); Bridesmaid of NAME (for the bridesmaids)
    - NAME’s Bachelorette Bash, DATE
    - Single Until DATE (date of the wedding)
    - Property of HUSBAND’S NAME

Most importantly, have fun with your bachelorette shirt design! Even if you don't wear the shirts out for the actual bachelorette party, the girls can wear them during the wedding weekend and they make great bachelorette party favors!

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